How we Work

Join us on the Green side of life and start whipping up free range, farm fresh, chef designed meals that are ready in only a few minutes with easy to follow step by step instructions! We send you pre-portioned ingredients with recipe cards to make deliciously creative meals at your home. We do everything for you besides cook. No more wastage, no more boring meals, no more shopping for ingredients, only easy peasy delicious, nutritious dinners for you and your family.

weekly menu

1. We create amazing recipes

Our Chef whips up some serious magic in our Gutsy Green kitchen each week as we design and create meals that are fit for both meat lovers and vegetarians as well as those calorie and carb conscious food lovers out there. The recipes are so easy to follow with step by step instructions with helpful pics and all the nutritional information you need, dinner will become nothing short of spectacular with each new and exciting meal you make.

2. Eat what you want to Eat

Gutsy Green gives you choice and we guarantee that we have meals specifically for you. You can choose exactly what you want delivered right to your doorstep with our interactive menu options. We recommend meals based on your ingredient and lifestyle preferences. You are also able to choose any recipe on our current menu or recipes that we have previously created.

pre measured ingredients

3. Ingredients delivered to your door

Each week your brand new box of awesomeness is delivered straight to your door to save you time, money and the turmoil of trying to decide what to cook for dinner. We deliver the exact pre-portioned, farm fresh ingredients in a temperature cooled box on Mondays.

4. You cook

Every single one of our mouthwatering meals are easy to cook, require only a few minutes and will have you picking up some valuable culinary skills while having fun and enjoying time in the kitchen again.


What is a flexible subscription?

With the Gutsy Green’s recipe box subscription, you will receive a box of fresh ingredients and delicious recipes every week. You are able to pause or cancel your account at any time. We don’t bind you to any contract, you choose when you want a box and when you don’t.